Paw-sitive Months Ahead

Information on where to buy the calendars will be coming soon. Please check back.

AND THE WINNER IS....(Drum roll please)

Nora - submitted by Emily Ann MacKinnon! Congratulations and thank you for your entry. Nora will be on the front cover of the Paw-sitive Months Ahead calendar, which will be for sale in November.

This contest, presented by MacLeod's Fuels, will include Nora on the front of 1,500 calendars sold across Cape Breton, raising funds for Cape Breton's new Cancer Centre. Nora won based on the most most 'likes', 'loves', 'surprises', or other reactions. Nora had 732 reactions as of 9:00 p.m. on Sept. 18th

The 12 winners, who will be featured in the 12 months of the year are:

1. Emily Ann MacKinnon (Nora)

2. Colin Levangie (Miller)

3. Ashley Penney (Bentley)

4. Cody Kennedy (Nash)

5. Petra Buis (Dierks)

6. Leslie Shepard (Ally)

7. Jenna Acker (Oliver)

8. Erin Boutilier (Stanley)

9. Lisa Stevens (Fiona)

10. Wendy King (Mookie)

11. Roisin Gallivan (Buddy & Maisy)

12. Rayshelle Marsh (Farley)


The other 11 dogs, were chosen by a panel of judges.


All winners will receive:


1) A pet photo shoot from the talented Shauna Madden Photography

2) $100 gift pack from Bob's River Pet Supplies

3) Some other great prizes from AJ's Country Boarding and Daycare.

This is a unique and exciting way to support our cancer patients right here at home - while includes your best fur-iend.

For more information on where to purchase the calendars, keep an eye on our website

Thank you again to all who took the time to submit pictures of your adorable dogs. More than 90 submissions came in and will help raise much needed funds for Cape Breton's new cancer centre.


Contest Details:

Well, Dog-gone, we have an exciting new fundraiser, for you and your dog. Pawsitive Months Ahead, presented by MacLeod’s Fuels, is a new initiative to help build Cape Breton’s new Cancer Centre. This charming and delightful calendar fundraiser is a unique and exciting way to support our cancer patients’ right here at home - while including your best fur-iend.

To create this fun and exciting calendar, we are hosting an online contest where local dog owners will be invited to submit a photo of their dog representing our healthcare community. For example, a dog dressed up as a doctor or resting by a sign that says “Thank you to our Healthcare Heroes”.

Each submission will be entered into our online social media contest, via the Foundation’s Facebook page, and there will be 12 winners - one for each month. The (1) photo that has the most likes on the original photo, will be featured on the cover of our Pawsitive Months Ahead calendar and the additional 11 winners will be determined by a panel of judges.

For the lucky winners, in addition to having your dog featured in the Pawsitive Months Calendar, you will also receive a day pass to AJ’s Country Boarding and Daycare , $100 gift pack from Bob's River Pet Supplies and a professional photograph by our photograph-fur Shauna Madden Photography of the winning dog.

*Policies and guidelines for photo submissions are adopted by the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. Compliance with these is mandatory.*


1. Submit a photo here between August 25th & September 8th (CONTEST NOW CLOSED TO ENTRY)

2. Follow @BecauseUcare on Facebook

3. Get your friends involved – Share, like, share, share (and comment about the cuteness)!

The more likes you get on the original photo of your dog increases your chances win.

4. Be Creative!

A panel of judges will choose winners based on creativity and connection to the theme of Healthcare.

That’s it! Winners will be notified by September 21 via email or phone call.





The Pawsitive Months Ahead contest photo submission must include;

  1. A dog
  2. A healthcare related theme

Must not include:

  1. Profanity
  2. Discrimination
  3. Harassment
  4. Inappropriate images of any kind including: drugs, alcohol or any other images deemed offensive by our staff.

Contest Period

  1. The photo submission process begins on August 25th and ends on September 4th.
  2. The contest will run and be accessible to the public starting on September 9th and end on September 18th.
  3. Winners will be notified on/by September 21st

How to Enter

CONTEST NOW CLOSED TO ENTRY. Limit of (1) entry per person, per email address, and per household for the duration of the contest. Submit a photo.  Submissions can only made from August 25 to September 8.

Rights of Usage

By submitting a contest form/photo, you consent to having your name, submitted photo and your dog’s information published. All submissions become the property of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation and can be used in this contest as seen fit.


*The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation reserves the right to change these rules without notice. All winners mustbe able to travel to the CBRM for photos to be taken. Photographer will not travel outside of CBRM for this contest*

Please find terms and conditions here.


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