Payroll Deduction

 As an employee of the NSHA, you have an option to donate from every pay through payroll deduction. You have already made the commitment to dedicate your life to serving others and you understand, more than most, the importance of quality health care in our community. The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation is able to invest important funds into our hospital for equipment, programming and patient support because CBRH staff make the decision to give back.

Because of our donors, the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation has been able to fund the following projects:

  • Expanding and providing new equipment to the Cape Breton Cancer Centre, which treats 150 patients  each day.
  • Renovating the Pediatrics Unit to create a home-like environment for the 1,800 children who rely on this Unit every year.
  • Creating a state-of-the-art OR Suite.
  • Providing more than $1.35 million in funding for Mental Health and Addiction Services.
  • Funding life-saving equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which treats more than 300 pre-mature or ill babies each year.
  • Providing financial assistance for cancer patients and families with sick children, who need help covering medical-related costs.
  • Beginning the process to initiate a multi-year multi-million dollar campaign to build Cape Breton’s new Cancer Centre.
  • So much more…

When employees invest in our hospital through payroll deduction, you do something meaningful for Cape Bretoners. You can be sure that your investment is helping those who need it most, achieving measurable results, and strengthening health care - at home.

Staff investment supports programs and initiatives that create change and shape health care for the future! Staff support is a powerful way to help the people you are trained to support.

From cancer care, to pediatrics, education grants to renal and so much more, your ongoing donations are making the Cape Breton Regional Hospital a better facility for the hundreds of thousands of patient visits every year. In fact, since 2010, staff payroll donations have resulted in more than $175,000 for 25 separate funds


Your gift every pay period (two weeks)

Your total giving over a year











Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation Payroll Deduction Form


By supporting the Regional Hospital Foundation’s Payroll Deduction Program, you are helping purchase the equipment needed to provide the best care for the thousands of patients who rely on the Regional Hospital every year. Thank you for your continued support!


Please complete this form and return it by fax, mail or internal mail to:


Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation    or 

45 Weatherbee Road, Ste 209                                         Regional Hospital

Sydney, NS B1M 0A1                                                    2nd Floor

Fax (902) 567-7916An imageAn imageAn imageAn imageAn imageAn image                                                          



Email: ______________________________________________________

Address:                                                                   PC:_________

Phone Number: (h)                                                  (w) ____________________

Employee Number:                                                                                                         

Hospital Site: ________________________________________________



I am pleased to commit to the Employee Payroll Deduction Program.

The deduction amount shall be: ____________ each pay period.

Date of first deduction: ______________  Area of care:___________________________

Employee Signature: __________________________ Date: ________________


If you choose the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, please mark which designated area you would like your donation to go to:


Ambulatory Care

Area of Greatest Need

Cancer Patient Care Fund

Cape Breton Cancer Centre

Coronary Care Unit

Diagnostic Imaging

Emergency Department

Geriatrics Services

Heart Lung Wellness Centre

Intensive Care Unit

Mental Health Units

Mom and Baby (Obstetrics, Mom/Baby Clinic, Breastfeeding Clinic)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Operating Room

Orthopedic Unit

Palliative Care Unit

Pediatrics Unit

Rehabilitation Services (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy)

Renal Dialysis Unit

Respiratory Services (Respiratory Therapy Dept., Chest Clinic)



**Important, please read: This deduction will continue until changed or cancelled by the employee through written notification to the Foundation which is in receipt of your donations.


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