Cayla's Home - Thanks to You

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Cayla Toomey doesn’t remember her wedding day. It’s not because she was caught up in the moment, or because it was such a whirlwind. She doesn’t remember because she was barely conscious and her family thought she was breathing some of her last breaths.

Cayla and was married on May 27th 2020. Her wedding was earlier than expected because a tumor, the size of a peach, was pressing on her brain and she wasn’t expected to survive. Cayla is here today, thanks to you, but she’s not out of the woods yet.  

Although her tumor was manageable in April and early May, things went downhill quickly on May 27th. Her husband Tim and daughter Haley were told she didn’t have long, so their September 5th wedding was fast-tracked and they were married in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital’s An Cala Unit on May 27th. The Cape Breton Regional Hospital literally saved her life. It’s because people, like you, give that they have the tools and training to treat and save patients every single day.


“Cancer scared me, but the thought of needing treatment outside of Cape Breton was too much to bear. Thankfully, I was told I’m able to receive treatment at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre.”


Your giving impacts how mothers, fathers and daughters are cared for in our Cancer Centre. Cayla is worried about her future health and that of her family and friends. Her future is in the hands of incredible and capable medical professionals, and they rely on you to give them all the tools they need to ensure she can have every chance to beat this disease.

Cancer is merciless and attempts to destroy any harmony in a life. It re-arranges any plans you may have made and offers no excuses or apologies. The only way it can be beat is by sheer determination, grit and fighting. A lot of fighting.

Cayla’s family is working so hard to make sure they can see more birthdays and Christmases together. This cancer centre will quite literally be saving lives. It saved Cayla’s.

RadioDay is October 8th, please tune in to hear more of Cayla’s story and the stories of other Cape Bretoners, who you are helping with your generosity.


To make sure the next patients have access to important cancer care, please give today. Your generosity can make all the difference in the world for the next patients in need. 

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