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All it takes is one abnormal cell and someone can become a cancer patient and require immediate cancer care and a need for life-saving treatment.

The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation is fundraising for CellaVision - equipment that will save patients critical days in their cancer journey and it’s the first time ever it will be offered here in Cape Breton.

The equipment offers real-time reporting, between local medical lab technologists and pathologists in Halifax. Avoiding waits for samples to be couriered to Halifax will prevent delays in diagnoses for certain cancers and delays in treatment for most

When we bring CellaVision to Cape Breton, for the first time ever, donors will be giving Cape Breton Cancer patients the gift of an early start to a long and painful fight. It might just be giving them the time to survive. This will be fully donor-funded, so we need you.

A $100 donation will offer 16 patients access to this life-saving equipment and will give patients either peace of mind, if there is no cancer, or the critical extra days to begin a treatment plan.

Please give today, you might just be saving a life. 

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