Meet Jennifer - Donor Services Administrator

Meet Jennifer.

Jennifer MacDonald has been a part of the Foundation team for over 7 years and she is the embodiment of kind. If it involves hunting, fishing or dressing up/decorating, expect to see our Donor Services Administrator, Jen. You know that bright and cheery smile you hope to see when you walk through the doors of a charity? Well, that’s Jen. Her bright and energetic personality make for a happy office. Jen is often referred to as the glue that keeps things together around here. Everyone relies heavily on her talents and she’s always happy to help. Jen knows our donors well and loves to make sure they feel special. Many donors call the Foundation just to chat for a few minutes with Jen before making a generous donation.

Jen is best known for her love for nature and her avid hunting/fishing. Sometimes we expect her to show up at work with camouflage and bright red lipstick, but she promises us that’s only her ‘all the rest of the time’ attire. This Reserve Mines resident loves her community and the people in it. We often see Jen with one of our favourite volunteers, Jillian, who happens to also be Jen’s sister(in-law, but basically sister). We’re lucky to have her as part of our team and we hope you get a chance to drop in and say hello.


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