Record Breaking RadioDay in Support of Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation Raises $1,016,697.00

SYDNEY, N.S – October 5th, the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, in partnership with 101.9 The Giant and New Country 103.5 broke records raising a staggering $1,016,697 for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, an increase of 44 per cent over last year’s total.

With the help of incredible donors and the support of an entire community, RadioDay 2017 was an enormous success. “We can’t believe what this community has accomplished,” said Brad Jacobs, Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation CEO. “When Cape Breton come’s together and rallies behind a cause, truly incredible things happen.” Jacobs was appreciative of all those who helped make it happen, “We’d like to thank our partners at the Giant 101.9 and New Country 103.5 as well as our committed volunteers, who have helped us strengthen healthcare for Cape Bretoners.”

Yesterday, the air waves of The 101.9 the Giant and New Country 103.5 were taken over by the stories of patients and families who have needed the support of the Regional hospital. Community groups and donors, who fundraised throughout the year, came to celebrate healthcare in Cape Breton and made their donations to help provide world-class care in Cape Breton.

“It’s truly awe-inspiring,” said Danielle Boutilier, a recent cancer survivor whose story was heard by listeners. “I’ve always been proud to be from Cape Breton, but what we’ve been able to accomplish here makes me even more proud to call Cape Breton home.”

Two hours were dedicated as ‘Power Hours.’ From 8a.m, MECO Construction DKI matched every donation made up to $10,000. Because of their generous offer, over $42,000 was raised in that one hour through phone calls and donors visiting the station.  From 4p.m. to 5:00 p.m, Jim Sampson Motors matched all donations up to $10,000 and an incredible $21,000 was raised. These two power hours purchased fourteen pain pumps, which are used to decrease infection, increase patient comfort and outcome, and allow staff to determine a patient’s pain level.

In addition to the fourteen pain pumps, we purchased an operating room table, thanks to our friends in the Cape Breton fishing community. We also purchased a pace art machine and a NIMM machine. Father Albert Maroun purchased the NIMM machine and the Mako My Day Shark Fishing Derby doubled what they expected and purchased the pace art machine and helped with the cost operating table.

“Over ten years, we have now raised more than $5.7 million for the Regional Hospital,” said Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation Board Chair, Glen Brann. “Hearing the stories of these brave patients helps donors see the impact of their gifts.”

Although the focus of RadioDay was the Foundation’s “Operation Heart” campaign, many gave towards other places, such as Caleb’s Courage, the Cancer Patient Care Fund and Pediatrics.  

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