Blog Post #3 – Why it’s Important for Young People to Give Back – and How

After spending the past four months completing my Co-Operative Education placement with the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, I have gained a deeper understanding of just how important this Foundation is in the lives of so many Cape Bretoners. Having the opportunity to see what goes on behind closed doors has opened my eyes to the many different reasons why people give back to the Regional Hospital Foundation, and the variety of ways to do so.

First of all, I believe that not enough young people in Cape Breton are aware of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, let alone what it does. After telling my peers where I would be doing my Co-Op Placement, nine times out of ten, the response I received was “What’s that?”, which I found very disappointing. It is more likely than not that these people or their loved ones have benefited from the work of the Foundation, or will at some point in the future. This is exactly why I have decided to write this for my final blog post, to educate my own peers on what the Foundation can and will do for them, and what they can do for the Foundation.

The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation began in 1990, with the construction of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital itself. Cape Bretoners have been donating to the foundation for more than three decades, 100% of the donations made are kept in Cape Breton, and the donations are used to better the lives of patients in a variety of ways. The money is used to purchase new equipment in the hospital, for research, and even a bit closer to home for some patients. This means that at times, the fund is used to make sure a patient has food on their table, that a patient has transportation to their appointments and treatment, and even that a patient has oil for heat in their home. All of these things go a very long way for patients and their loved ones, and that is why it is so important to give back to the Foundation, because someday, you or someone you love may need it.

Making monetary donations is the most common way to give back, whether it’s an annual donation, payroll deduction, or a memorial gift. However, there are so many other ways to make a difference. For youth, I know that many are working part time to be able to afford post-secondary education, but a donation of time is a possibility. The Foundation is always looking for volunteers for a variety of different reasons, such as general volunteers around the office, or volunteers at events such as RibFest, RadioDay, and the Because You Care Cup. That brings me to another way to give back. The Regional Hospital Foundation organizes numerous events throughout the year. Get involved! Create a team for the Because You Care Cup, raise some money, and play a few great games of road hockey with your friends for a great cause! Participating in these events is a very fun way to give back to your community, and there are still other ways to do so. Another great option to support the Foundation is to create your own fundraiser. If you are creative and have your own ideas for raising money, that’s an excellent way to get involved and help out.

A donation to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation is a donation that goes a long way, without ever going far. This Foundation is vital in our community, and would not be possible without the support of all of our donors. Every dollar makes a difference in an organization like this, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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