Current Priorities

From emergencies to life-saving surgeries to cancer care, the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation is here for you. 

 Last year, there were more than 318,000 clinic visits at the Regional Hospital. Thanks to generous support from our donors, in 2016, the Foundation provided $1,771,542 in funding for equipment and programs.  

Your donations ensure world-class care is available to Cape Bretoners at home, when they need it most.

The priority needs of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital are as diverse as the patients it serves. Below is some information on our current priorities. If you'd like more information on any of these areas before you make your gift, please call us at 902.567.7752 or

Operation Heart

As identified by the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the priority equipment list for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital requires $1.35 million in priority equipment needs for the operating room and cardiac care.

Major cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in Nova Scotia after cancer.

In Cape Breton, more than 7,000 people have been diagnosed with heart disease—this is 6% of our population.

We have an immediate need to fund new equipment to treat these patients at home.

We can’t do it without you!

Through “Operation Heart,” a mini-campaign focused on major gift and annual fundraising, the Foundation will support the following equipment priorities:

Priority equipment

Currently, the Regional Hospital has more than $5,000,000 in priority equipment needs, which ranges from operation tables, to anesthesia machines and other critical surgical equipment. These needs will not be funded without donor support. When you give to priority equipment, you help fund these critical pieces.

Cancer Patient Care Fund:

Every year, more than 1,400 Cape Bretoner are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Centre Social Worker, Tom MacNeil identified an increasing need to not only support patients through their journey with cancer emotionally, but also financially. Many patients struggle - having to leave work due to illness, or choose between the costs of medications not covered by insurance and their daily expenses like food, shelter and transportation.

The Cancer Patient Care Fund was created by YOU to ensure that no patient had to choose between treatment and life's basic needs. The fund supports patients with various needs including: travel and transportation, medication costs, houshold costs, and more.

Last year, you made it possible for us to disburse more than $214,000 to patients in the Cape Breton Cancer Centre.

YOU were the reason they didn't have to face financial burden at a very vulnerable time. The fund is 100% donor funded - and as our patient numbers continue to grow in the cancer centre, we need you now more than ever. Please consider making a gift to the Cancer Patient Care Fund.

Cancer Patient Care Fund Quick Facts:

•The Fund is 100% donor funded

•In 2016, more than $ 214,264 was disbursed to patients

•The Fund supports more than 30 patients each month

•The Fund helps to alleviate the financial burden during treatment

•The most common areas of support include: pharmacy costs, travel costs, lodging, dental and household costs

Pediatrics TLC Fund:

Each year, more than 1,800 children are treated at the Regional Hospital’s Pediatrics Units.

Children up to 18 years old are treated for everything from broken bones to serious illnesses, like cancer.

The Pediatrics TLC Fund helps ensure doctors and nurses have the tools they need to provide world-class care at home for children in Cape Breton.

The Pediatrics TLC Fund Quick Facts:

•The Pediatrics TLC Fund provides financial support to families with sick children

•The Fund is 100% donor funded

•The Fund helps with expenses such as travel, income replacement, medications, etc…

•In 2016, more than $26,765 was disbursed to families with sick children

•Each month, up to 11 families rely on the fund for financial support

Mom and Baby TLC Fund

The Pediatrics Mom and Baby TLC fund helps support families financially when faced with travel expenses, medical costs and necessities such as formula and diapers. These essentials keep their new born healthy.

The Mom and Baby TLC Fund Quick Facts:

•The Mom & Baby TLC Fund provides financial support to families with sick newborn babies.

•The Fund is 100% donor funded

•The Fund helps with expenses such as travel, income replacement, medications, etc…

•Every year 900 babies born

•By supporting Pediatrics Mom and Baby TLC fund, you’ll be supporting families with newborns who are facing financial struggles in a time where happiness and pride should be at the forefront.

•keep babies and their families comfortable.

Area of Greatest Need:

The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation’s area of greatest need is currently the general fund. The general fund supports all fundraising and advocacy work planned and excecuted by the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. The general fund allows us to operate the foundation and to effeciently respond to all funding requests by our medical community. Funding requests are often unexpected and require quick decissions, this fund allows us to adequately respond to those needs. The general fund has also been responsible for funding programs such as the Comfort & Care Grant, which has funded over $60,000 in grants in 2017 and $270,000 since its inception.

Mental Health:

The Foundation has completed a $1,350,000 campaign for Mental Health and Addiction Services - now we need your help to continue funding the very important area of care, at-risk youth, housing and transportation. To learn more about this campaign, click here.

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